Almost 1 year into my transition 

Almost 1 year into my transition 

I stumbled into transitioning when I missed my hair appt for 3 months. I was in school learning to do nails so I had my hair done by the girls studying cosmetology.
I wasn’t getting any relaxer treatment. I had been doing so since I was 10. My hair really thick and I struggled to maintain it. My hair was constantly getting shorter and shorter. So i wore a ponytail all the time. The damage hair by my ears stuck out so I wore a band. 
As I neared graduation from beauty school I saw waves in my roots again. I had seen them before but I always treated them to make them straight. This time I wanted to leave it alone and let them keep growing.  
There was plenty information on transitioning and big chopping.
I was obsessed with curly hair photos and videos. Every time I washed my hair I wanted to check if it had grown. So a few months later, I cut my hair. I looked like a young Halle Berry. However, my stylist treated my hair again. So I had short relaxed hair…a step backwards.
Since the back of my hair was shorter, that grew out faster. But I eventually treated it again.
6 months later here I am. The back of my hair is now natural while the front and top is still in transition. I have been trimming it back regularly slowly getting rid of the treated hair.  
My hair is very healthy despite this which I’m happy about.


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